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Scratch (K-12)


Python (3-12)


Java (5-12)


C# (5-12)


Game Maker Studio (4-12)


Unity (5-12)


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Internet Connection

All of our current curriculum offered online.

Laptop or Computer

Learn coding, VR, and video games online.

Quiet Place To Work

Watch the hours fly by while learning to code.

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Our Courses


Scratch (Grades K-12)

Junior scratch is a drag and drop program designed for the youngest of kids. If they can use a mouse we can teach them how to start programming using pictures. Video games are often the first and most memorable experience children have with computers. This class is about taking the fun of video games and using it to teach programming! Every lesson participants will learn and expand coding skills while using their critical and analytical skills to make video games.

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Python (Grades 3-12)

Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that`s easy to learn and fun to use. Python for kids easily brings kids into the world of programming. Used in web and internet development, the scientific community for modelling and analysis, used by big companies like Google, Facebook, NASA, and Dropbox! With python students will learn to program computers, create games in a fun and highly interactive series of projects.

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Java (Grades 5-12)

An incredibly versatile programming language that everyone has used and now you can learn to program it! Campers will learn to work in this powerful work environment from the basics of objects, classes data types and more! Campers will dive into the eclipse IDE platform and from day one start producing programs, games and applets.

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C# (Grades 5-12)

C# would be a useful VR programming language for both veteran and new developers who are just getting started. It is good to know because it is widely used for developing games with Unity, the most popular game engine out there. It will work on both Mac and PC, and a ton of VR apps are created with C#.

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Game Maker Studio (Grades 4-12)

You can make games with GameMaker: Studio. Use Actions to tell GameMaker how, what, when, and where you want something to happen during your game. When you create an Action, GameMaker creates the code for you in the background. For example, say you create an Action so that when the player presses the spacebar, she shoots bullets from her plane.

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Unity (Grades 5-12)

Unity VR lets you target virtual reality devices directly from Unity, without any external plugins in projects. It provides a base API and feature set with compatibility for multiple devices. It has been designed to provide forward compatibility for future devices and software. The VR API surface is minimal by design, but will expand as VR continues to grow.

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Our Environment

We provide a virtual classroom with live sessions with our trained instructors. We create a learning path for a bridge to your childs future. Our program provides a learning path to mastery in AI and Machine learning. 

Learn By Doing

Get a hands on experience in the field of coding and robotics. Understanding of our lessons will help build the skills for reals world application. Learn to code video games, apps, virtual reality and much more. 


Our Programs Work

We teach kids in a way that they actually learn and have fun at the same time. Create a passion that will last a lifetime.

Keep Your kids focused 

While you are working we can keep your kids learning and growing a new skill for a couple hours. 


Smart Core Labs will award belts to mark milestones and progress


Evaluation will be based on project work, output and understanding of concepts


Teachers will mentor along the way so the children will realize their problem solving ability



“Thank you Smart Core labs for all that you guys do! My 10 year old son has been doing coding classes with smart core labs for the past year and it’s been absolutely amazing! They have the most wonderful instructors and my son has learned so much with them! He is now taking their online classes and is loving it! Along with it being so enriching my kid is having a blast doing it! We can’t thank you enough!”

N Mirza

“My son has been going to Smart Core since Last summer and the experience has opened his eyes to all sorts of possibilities. I tell everyone I can about Smart Core. You will too!”

Fred Walter

“Amazing instructors. Amazing academy. Price it’s totally affordable but my daughter’s education have NO price. This is investment for her future. I totally recommend to everyone who have kids!!!!!”

AJ Himel

“Daniel is looking forward to coming back to Smart Core Labs this weekend for the weekend classes. He is looking forward to learning more about robotics, coding and much more. Aaron is his favorite teacher/instructor!! Thanks Smart Core Labs!!! You are doing an AMAZING job!”

Diana Ciurea

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do The Sessions Last?

The sessions last 1 or 2 hours depending on what you sign up for. Click on the link below to sign up today.

How Much Do The Classes Cost?

When Will In Classes Start?

The classes will start immediately depending on availability. 

Are the classes live?

Yes. The classes are live and face to face. This provides the best learning experience and environment. 

What happens when school opens again?

The online classes will continue to be offered and can still be taken.

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